6742 Reynolds Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15206

(412) 665-1810



Medical services for your dogs and cats:

Comprehensive Physical Examinations

General Surgery

Minimally Invasive Laproscopic Surgery

Spaying and Neutering

Heartworm Prevention

Hospital Care

Nutritional Counseling and Dietary Products

Laboratory Diagnostics

Parasite Control



Dental X-rays

Class IV Companion Therapy Laser


Identification System (Microchip Implantation)

Acupuncture Services

Behavior Consultations

Prescription Flea Control

Clinical facilities include:

Reception and Examination Rooms


Electrocardiogram (EKG) Unit

Surgical Suite & Recovery Units

Radiology / X-Ray Unit

In-patient Hospital Facilities


Point 2 for Healthy Pets - A wellness facility just for healthy pets

Puppy Socialization Classes - with our head technician, Jane Gruber

Questions? Please feel free to contact us during general business hours at
(412) 665-1810.

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Need to ask a question right away? Email us at: pointbreezevet@gmail.com.